CoppeliaSim API framework

The CoppeliaSim API framework groups all interfaces around CoppeliaSim. It comes in 5+1 different flavours:

  • The regular API
  • The remote API
  • The ROS interfaces
  • The BlueZero interface
  • The auxiliary API
  • Other interfaces
  • While the regular API can be accessed from within the simulator (e.g. from an embedded script, an add-on, a plugin or the main client application), the remote API, the ROS interfaces and the BlueZero interface can be accessed from almost any possible external application or hardware (including real robots, remote computers, etc.). The auxiliary API is not an interface per se, but more a collection of helper functions that can be embedded, and that operate on their own. The other interfaces item groups all possibilities for the user to extend the available interfaces. Following figure illustrates an overview of the various interfaces:

    [Various locations and interfaces available]

    Recommended topics

  • Regular API
  • Remote API
  • ROS interfaces
  • BlueZero interface
  • Auxiliary API
  • Other interfaces
  • Embedded scripts
  • Add-ons
  • Plugins
  • The main client application