Dummy properties

The dummy properties are part of the scene object properties dialog, which is located at [Menu bar --> Tools --> Scene object properties]. You can also open the dialog with a double-click on an object icon in the scene hierarchy, or with a click on its toolbar button:

[Scene object properties toolbar button]

In the scene object properties dialog, click the Dummy button to display the dummy dialog (the Dummy button only appears if the last selection is a dummy). The dialog displays the settings and parameters of the last selected dummy. If more than one dummy is selected, then some parameters can be copied from the last selected dummy to the other selected dummies (Apply to selection-buttons):

[Dummy dialog]

  • Linked dummy: dummy linked to this one. Linked dummies (easily recognizable by a colored segment linking them, in thescene hierarchy) have special properties and behavior, see next item for more details.
  • Link type: the link type will specify the behavior of the linked dummies during simulation. If Dynamics, overlap constraint is specified, then the two dummies will try to overlap their respective position/orientation to create dynamics loop closure constraints (refer to the section on designing dynamic simulations for more details).
  • Object size: size of the dummy. This parameter has only a visual effect, and no functional meaning.
  • Adjust dummy color: allows adjusting a dummy's color