Geometric Plugin

The Coppelia Geometric Routines API functions are also available within CoppeliaSim via the geometric plugin, and can be recognized from their simGeom-prefix:

  • Geometric plugin API list (in alphabetical order)
  • Geometric plugin API list (by category)

  • Above API functions allow similar geometric calculations as you are able to do from within CoppeliaSim (i.e. collision detection and minimum distance calculation on shapes, OC-trees and point clouds), but in an independent manner from CoppeliaSim scene objects, e.g. you are able to create mesh-, OC-tree and point cloud-objects and perform collision detection or distance calculations, without having to modify the scene content.

    For an example on how to use above API functions, refer to the following scene: scenes/sceneObjectIndependentGeometricCalculationExample.ttt, and make sure to inspect the attached child scripts.

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