Kinematics Plugin

The Coppelia Kinematics Routines API functions are also available within CoppeliaSim via the kinematics plugin, and can be recognized from their simIK-prefix:

  • Kinematics plugin API list (in alphabetical order)
  • Kinematics plugin API list (by category)

  • Above API functions allow to create, handle and solve forward/inverse kinematics tasks for any type of mechanism (redundant/non-redundant, containing nested loops, etc.) fully programmatically, instead of using CoppeliaSim's built-in kinematics functionality via the GUI.

    For examples on how to use above API functions, refer to the following scenes, scenes/ik_fk_simple_examples/8-computingJointAnglesForRandomPoses.ttt and scenes/ik_fk_simple_examples/9-programmaticallySettingUpIk.ttt, and make sure to inspect the attached child scripts.

    Recommended topics

  • Forward/inverse kinematics overview
  • The Coppelia Kinematics Routines