The main client application

CoppeliaSim is a function library: without main client application (or main application, or main loop), CoppeliaSim cannot run. The default main client application that comes with the installation package is coppeliaSim.exe (Windows), or coppeliaSim (MacOSX and Linux). Beware that under MacOSX, the client application as well as several other items (e.g. libraries) are contained inside of a package or bundle (

The main client application is a small executable that handles following main tasks:

  • it runs the simulator with simRunSimulator.
  • it loads and unloads plugins with simLoadModule and simUnloadModule
  • it loads a scene or model file that was double-clicked with simLoadScene or simLoadModel
  • it handles running simulations with simHandleMainScript and simAdvanceSimulationByOneStep
  • coppeliaSimClientApplication requires following files for compilation and running that applications (the easiest is however to simply copy the newly built main application into CoppeliaSim Pro / CoppeliaSim Edu / CoppeliaSim Player installation folder):

  • simLib.h, simLib.cpp and simConst.h: files required to dynamically load and bind to CoppeliaSim library
  • coppeliaSim.dll / libcoppeliaSim.dylib / the CoppeliaSim library
  • lua5.3.dll (or similar): library required for the Lua functionality
  • qscintilla2.dll (or similar): library required for the scintilla editor
  • QtCore5.dll, QtGui5.dll, etc. (or similar): libraries of the Qt framework
  • CoppeliaSim's system folder and all its content (required for proper initialization, etc.)
  • The main client application can be customized. This is however not recommended and should only be used when writing scripts and/or plugins won't work for your purpose, since the risk of losing compatibility with the default CoppeliaSim behavior is high if not properly implemented.