Primitive shapes

Next to importing meshes from an external file, shapes can also directly be created inside CoppeliaSim by selecting [Menu bar --> Add --> Primitive shape]. The following 5 primitive shapes are supported:

[Primitive shapes: plane, disc, cuboid, sphere and cylinder]

Geometric parameters of the primitive shapes can be adjusted in the primitive shape dialog:

[Primitive shape dialog]

  • X- / Y- / Z-size: size along the world reference frame's x- / y- / z-axis.
  • X- / Y- / Z-Subdivisions: number of elements along the world reference frame's x- / y- / z-axis (*)
  • Sides: number of sides of a cylinder, disc or sphere.
  • Faces: number of faces of a cylinder(*) or sphere.
  • Disc subdivisions: number of disc subdivisions (disc or cylinder) (*)
  • Smooth shaded: whether the shape should appear smooth (Gouraud shading) or sharp.
  • Open ends: whether the cylinder has open ends.
  • Cone: indicates that a cone is desired instead of a cylinder.
  • Create dynamic and respondable shape: if selected, the generated shape will be dynamic and respondable. It will not not be collidable, not measurable, not renderable and not detectable, and have a slight blue color, in order to quickly recognize it.
  • Create pure shape: if selected, a pure shape will be generated that performs much better and faster during dynamic calculations.
  • Material density: the density of the material.
  • (*) the subdivisions and faces properties cannot directly be seen and have not a direct effect. Following shows two similar shapes with different subdivision parameters:

    [Two cuboids with different subdivision parameters (as seen in the triangle edit mode)]

    Shapes with a higher subdivision count reflect lighting in a more differentiated way. See the triangle edit mode and the Subdivide largest triangles option for more details.

    Colors and other visual attributes should be adjusted in the shape properties. The shape mesh can also be adjusted and edited in the shape edit modes, or in the geometry dialog.