Regular API function


Description Allows a plugin to communicate with other plugins by broadcasting messages or data that other plugins can intercept. The message is also sent to the plugin that originally broadcasted the message (that module is free to ignore its own message). See CoppeliaSim's main client application source code for more details. See also simSendModuleMessage.
C synopsis simVoid* simBroadcastMessage(simInt* auxiliaryData,simVoid* customData,simInt* replyData)
C parameters
auxiliaryData: pointer to 4 integers. auxiliaryData[0] should be a unique identifier different from 0. Use a large, random identifier, or better, your CoppeliaSim's serial number if the message is yours. Otherwise, use the identifier of some other module. auxiliaryData[1] could be the messageID of the message you wish to send to another module. auxiliaryData[2] and auxiliaryData[3] can be any values specific to your application.
customData: customData of your application (the broadcaster is in charge to release that buffer). Can be nullptr.
replyData: pointer to 4 integers that can be used by a module to reply to a broadcasted message. Can be nullptr. If not nullptr, all 4 values are automatically initialized to -1.

Broadcasted messages can be intercepted in a plugin's "simMessage"-function. In the function, broadcasted messages can be recognized when the function's first argument ("message") is sim_message_module_broadcast.
C return value
Pointer to custom reply data that can be used by a module to reply to a broadcasted message. The module that replies is in charge of allocating the data with simCreateBuffer and the original broadcaster is in charge of releasing that data with simReleaseBuffer. A reply to a broadcasted message is triggered by a module that writes a value different from -1 into auxiliaryData[0]-auxiliaryData[3], thus aborting further broadcast of the original message and returning to the broadcaster. If the return value is different from nullptr, the broadcast is also interrupted.
Lua synopsis
Lua parameters
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