Regular API function


Description Creates a path.
C synopsis
C parameters
C return value
Lua synopsis int pathHandle=sim.createPath(table[] ctrlPts,int options=0,int subdiv=100,float smoothness=1.0,int orientationMode=0,table[3] upVector={0,0,1})
Lua parameters
ctrlPts: the control points, specified in row-major order, with x/y/z/qx/qy/qz/qw values for each path point
options: bit-coded: bit0 set (1): path is hidden during simulation, bit1 set (2): path is closed, bit2 set (4): generates an extruded shape, bit3 set (8): show individual path points, bit4 set (16): the path points' orientation is computed according to the orientationMode below.
subdiv: number of individual path points
smoothness: a value between 0 (linear interpolation) and 1 (100% Bezier interpolation)
orientationMode: value specifiying how the individual path points are oriented along the path, if bit16 of options is set: 0: x along path, y is up, 1: x along path, z is up, 2: y along path, x is up, 3: y along path, z is up, 4: z along path, x is up, 5: z along path, y is up
upVector: the up vector, used for generating an extruded shape and for computing individual path point orientations
Lua return values
pathHandle: the handle of the created path object