Regular API function


Description Enables or disables a specific event callback, on a plugin base. Some event callbacks might be called very frequently, and are not enabled by default, in order not to slow down CoppeliaSim. A plugin may enable one or several of such event callbacks, in which case only that plugin will receive the event callback notifications. If a given plugin registers twice the same event callback, it will be disabled again.
C synopsis simInt simEnableEventCallback(simInt eventCallbackType,const simChar* plugin,simInt reserved)
C parameters
eventCallbackType: one of following values: sim_message_eventcallback_renderingpass, sim_message_eventcallback_opengl, sim_message_eventcallback_openglframe or sim_message_eventcallback_openglcameraview.
plugin: the case-sensitive name of the plugin that wishes to receive the notifications. For the plugin "simExtMyPlugin", specify "MyPlugin".
reserved: reserved. Set to -1.
C return value
-1 in case of an error. Otherwise 1 if the callback is enabled, or 0 if it is disabled.
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Lua parameters
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