Regular API function

simGetPointCloudOptions / sim.getPointCloudOptions

Description Gets various properties of a point cloud. See also sim.setPointCloudOptions and the other point cloud related functions.
C synopsis simInt simGetPointCloudOptions(simInt pointCloudHandle,simFloat* maxVoxelSize,simInt* maxPtCntPerVoxel,simInt* options,simFloat* pointSize,simVoid* reserved)
C parameters
pointCloudHandle: the handle of the point cloud. See also simGetObjectHandle
maxVoxelSize: the maximum size of the OC tree voxels containing points
maxPtCntPerVoxel: the maximum number of points allowed in a same OC tree voxel
options: bit-coded:
bit0 set (1): points have random colors
bit1 set (2): show OC tree structure
bit2 set (4): reserved. keep unset
bit3 set (8): do not use an OC tree structure. When enabled, point cloud operations are limited, and point clouds will not be collidable, measurable or detectable anymore, but adding points will be much faster
bit4 set (16): color is emissive
pointSize: the size of the points, in pixels
reserved: reserved for future extensions. Set to nullptr
C return value
1 if operation was successful
Lua synopsis float maxVoxelSize,int maxPtCntPerVoxel,int options,float pointSize=sim.getPointCloudOptions(int pointCloudHandle)
Lua parameters
Similar to the C-function counterpart
Lua return values
Similar to the C-function counterpart