Regular API function

simHandleIkGroup / sim.handleIkGroup

Description Handles (solves) a registered IK group. IK groups can be registered while editing a scene. See also sim.checkIkGroup, sim.computeJacobian and sim.generateIkPath.
C synopsis simInt simHandleIkGroup(simInt ikGroupHandle)
C parameters
ikGroupHandle: handle of the IK group or sim_handle_all or sim_handle_all_except_explicit. (sim_handle_all will handle all IK groups, while sim_handle_all_except_explicit will only handle those that are not marked as "explicit handling"). See also simGetIkGroupHandle.
C return value
number of performed calculations (i.e. IK group calculation results are different from sim_ikresult_not_performed) if no specific IK group was specified, or a value of type IK result if a specific IK group was specified, -1 in case of an error (a failed IK group calculation is not considered as an error)
Lua synopsis number calculationCountOrResult=sim.handleIkGroup(number ikGroupHandle)
Lua parameters
Similar to the C-function counterpart
Lua return values
Similar to the C-function counterpart

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