Regular API function

simIsHandleValid / sim.isHandleValid

Description Checks whether a general object handle is still valid. When a general object is destroyed (e.g. programmatically or via the user interface), then its related handle is not valid anymore and will trigger an error when used. Use this function to avoid triggering an error. See also sim.getObjectHandle, sim.getScriptHandle and sim.getObjectUniqueIdentifier.
C synopsis simInt simIsHandleValid(simInt generalObjectHandle,simInt generalObjectType)
C parameters
generalOjectHandle: handle of a general-type object (e.g. scene object, collision object, distance object, etc.)
generalOjectType: type of the general object. Refer to the general object types. Can be -1, in which case the specified handle is checked for validity in all types (handles of different types never overlap)
C return value
-1 if operation was not successful, 0 if the handle is not valid anymore, or 1 if the handle is still valid.
Lua synopsis int result=sim.isHandleValid(int generalObjectHandle,int generalObjectType=-1)
Lua parameters
Similar to the C-function counterpart
Lua return values
Similar to the C-function counterpart