Regular API function

simSetEngineBoolParameter / sim.setEngineBoolParameter

Description Sets a bool-type physics engine property. You might have to call sim.resetDynamicObject for changes to take effect. See also the other engine properties setter and getter API functions.
C synopsis simInt simSetEngineBoolParameter(simInt paramId,simInt objectHandle,const simVoid* object,simBool val)
C parameters
objectHandle: the handle of the shape or joint, or -1 to set a global engine parameter. If -1, then the object argument will be evaluated.
object: a pointer to a shape or joint objects, or nullptr to set a global engine parameter. If nullptr, then the objectHandle argument will be evaluated.
val: the new property values.
C return value
1 in case of success. This function call doesn't generate any error message.
Lua synopsis sim.setEngineBoolParameter(int paramId,int objectHandle,boolean boolParam)
Lua parameters
Similar to the C-function counterpart
Lua return values